What it is (eng)

Weeks of the Rights for Youth: is a  proposal between Latin America and Europe aiming at guarantying the cooperation and the exchange of good practices around the Week for the Rights of Youth (hereinafter WRY 2012).

The WRY  2012 was born in Latin America in the year 2007, making its break in Spain in 2010. Today’s objective is to develope the project on 2012.

Aims – The main aim of the WRY is to promote youth participation, causing and reinforcing their committed involvement and discussion spaces concerning their rights. It is also aimed at strengthening youth organizations’ capacities through youth networks and projects, becoming a space focused on political advocacy regarding public policy in the youth field.

  • To promote cooperation and the exchange of experience and good practice in the field of youth and non.-formal education.
  • To develop sustainable partnerships and networks between youth organization .
  • To promote youth empowerment and active participation.
  • To foster capacity-building of youth organizations and structures, in order to contribute to civil society development.

The WRY 2012 in both regions (Europe and Latin America) systematize and promote new cooperation models (South – North / South – South) from the capacities and knowledge about different subjects and themes regarding youth and their rights in both, Europe and Latin America.

Come to Barcelona in  (30-11-2012 and 1, 2-12-2012)  enjoy WRY2012 with us!!!

Conctat us:

Ivonne del Pozo

Fundació Catalana de l’Esplai/ Fundación Esplai

0034 93 474 74 73


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